Interracial couples! Lesbians! Giant robots!

By Richmond Clements & Alex Moore, Arcana Studios and Renegade Arts Entertainment

Okay, the above makes Turning Tiger sounds saucier than it actually is. Turning Tiger is actually a rather sweet and innocuous tale albeit with giant robots slugging it out.

One day a top secret battle robot goes rogue and kidnaps a young girl. But all is not as it seems as a shady and unscrupulous government division will stop at nothing to get their prototype back  . . . or destroy it in the process.

The comic takes the bog standard premise of a giant military battle mech robot gone rogue and takes some interesting creative choices along the way. It is a departure from the way, let’s say, a Hollywood movie or more unimaginative writers would have handled it.

For starters, the villain in the piece is not your typical cigar-chewing U.S. military general of the sort popularized in Dr. Strangelove and spoofed in Monsters vs. Aliens, but an alpha female (it is slyly hinted that she is in a relationship with the female lead scientist on the project). The underage heroine of the piece is mulatto, and her father is black and her mother white.

Unnecessary Political Correctness? No, it seems just right to us. Add to this some rather interesting art work by newcomer Alex Moore (no relation to Alan) and Turning Tiger strikes just the right notes right down to a pitch perfect ending that echoes the one in Pixar’s Monsters Inc . . . but with battle droids instead!

Unfortunately clocking in at merely 56 pages, of which only 44 are actual strip pages, Turning Tiger is an infuriatingly brisk read. There is only so much story one can cram into so few pages and it is up to you whether $7.99 is worth your price of admission, but we’d have to say yes.

In short
Turning Tiger sees the arrival of two promising new talents in the comic field. Here’s hoping we get to see more of their work soon.




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