It is small wonder that Johnny Depp’s company bought the movie rights to this comic book series . . .

The Vault Trade Paperback cover

By Sam Sarkar & Garrie Gastonny, Image Comics

This trade paperback (release date: 30 March, 2012) collects the three issues of The Vault, a horror comic published by Image Comics.

It should come as no surprise that a company belonging to Johnny Depp recently bought the movie rights to it. As a comic it is the equivalent of modern B-movies such as the likes of The Relic and Virus. (It also contains elements of The Thing and The Abyss.)

A group of modern day treasure hunters discover an undersea vault containing the skeleton of some kind of winged creature. Naturally the creature turns out to be the Angel of Death and obviously they release the creature which starts picking them off one by one. (Luckily no-one goes wandering off on their own to find the cat though.)

With a heavy storm approaching it is imperative that they get away as soon as possible from the seemingly unstoppable monster, but luckily our group of heroes is aided by a high-tech diving robot owned by a Russian oligarch.

Complaining that The Vault is on the, um, shallow end of things is a bit like complaining that the ocean is salty. The truth is that there is only so much story one can fit into a three issue miniseries like this. Clocking in at fewer than 100 pages it is a disappointingly brisk read to say the least, but it however succeeds well in what it sets out to do.

The excellent art work is up to Image Comics’ usual professional standards and the comic strikes the right balance between wordiness and minimalism. That it reads so quickly is a testament to the creative team’s talents. Another plus is that it never strays into excessive gore or pretentiousness (despite the Dostoyevsky quotes) as many horror comics tend to do nowadays.

In short
A short fun read that is recommended for horror fans. But don’t expect anything particularly deep though.


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