Cowboys vs. G.I. Joe . . .

By David Baxter, Javier Aranda and Garry Leach, Image Comics

America’s current economic woes just drag on and the country becomes . . . well, a whole lot more exciting in this comic book by Baxter et al.

In the post-apocalypse it seems that guys in high-tech G.I. Joe suits (see the first live-action movie) will be pitted against cowboys from your typical Western. Think G.I. Joe meets The Postman with some Mad Max-style vehicles thrown into the mix for good measure and you’ll have an idea of what to expect of this Image Comics title. (Something about it also reminded this reviewer of Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic The Stand.)

Sixty years after the economic meltdown, the residents of the high-tech New San Diego (or NSD) find that they are about to be invaded by charismatic leader “The Duke” and his rabid followers from rival city, Lone Star. Lone Star is running out of oil and is using religion to manipulate its residents into attacking NSD and stealing its more feasible solar energy technology.

Yup, if you’re politically sensitive then you’ll read some allegorical statement into all this even though what is to be made of the good guys’ technocratic society being lead by the military and scientists is anyone’s guess. The point is that Marksmen is sheer post-apocalyptic good vs. bad guys comic book action stuff. Renowned science fiction author Vernor Vinge takes a stab at reading some coherent political depth into it all, but let’s face up to it: Shakespeare, it ain’t. (Sample dialogue: “That’s how we BBQ in NSD, bitches!” and “Most people are lucky to have one good father. I have two.”)

But that’s not the point. Most of us don’t read comics to gain insight into the human condition, but to see stuff blown up real good plus some skimpy outfits for the female characters. Marksmen offers both plus some bold eye-popping art work.

In short
Hope you weren’t expecting any character development and depth, but Marksmen has loads of post-apocalyptic action which makes up for a lot . . .




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