The Hunger Games has become a franchise of books, merchandise, and soon-to-be movie trilogy that will compete with the greats like Harry Potter and Twilight . . .

Hunger Games movie posterFans of this series are passionate about the film truly depicting the events from Suzanne Collins’ epic novels accurately. Katniss’s fashion, Rue’s delicate features, and the landscape of District 12 are just a few of the many things that viewers expect to be perfect when they are munching on their popcorn. With little time left before the games hit the big screen, here is a list of ten must-have movie moments!

WARNING: There are spoilers for all three of The Hunger Games books in this article!

1. Madge Undersee

One of Katniss’s only friends, Madge is the daughter to the mayor of District 12.

While her role in the novel is small, she is the one that gives the mockingjay pin to Katniss, helping to turn Katniss into a rebel against The Capitol. Important to not only the creation of Katniss, Madge’s family story plays a role in the remaining novels. It has been rumored that she is not part of the first film, but we can only hope.

2. Avoxes

Former citizens from the districts, Avoxes, have been turned into mute servants of The Capitol.

The Avox girl that serves Katniss plays a particularly important role since Katniss witnessed her friend’s death and the now-Avox’s removal from District 12. Her relationship with Katniss is important because it proves how unforgiving The Capitol’s actions are. The depiction of the sad, punished rebels needs to be represented perfectly in the films for the full weight of the situation to be revealed to the viewer.

3. The Hob

Central to District 12’s business, The Hob is a place for people to buy, sell, and trade their goods.

Although it was an intimidating place at first, Katniss quickly became used to the hustle and bustle of selling meat after her father’s death. Greasy Sae, a woman who sells soup is also integral to Katniss’s success in the games, starting a fund to sponsor Peeta and Katniss.

4. “The Hanging Tree”

Taught to Katniss by her father, this song plays over and over in her head after her father’s death in the mines. Eventually, Katniss realizes that this song tells the story of two lovers separated by death, but eventually reunited in the afterlife. This song is important to the relationship between Katniss and Peeta.

Hunger Games pic5. Decoration of Rue

The bond between Katniss and Rue during the games is undeniable. Rue reminds her of Prim, and they work together to survive.

When Rue is overcome by other competitors, Katniss provides Rue with a proper farewell. She covers her body with beautiful flowers, gestures the sign of farewell to Rue’s district, and ultimately shows The Capitol that Rue was not just a piece in their games.

6. Costumes of The Capitol

The citizens of Panem are overly dramatic and highly costumed, showing their wealth and materiality to the citizens of the districts.

Not only will their costumes be important to the success of the film, their makeup and tattoos are also pertinent. Gold tattoos, bold makeup, and extravagant hairpieces dazzle the viewers, but also show their negligence to the conditions in the districts. The silver screen is a perfect place for these costumes.

7. The Mockingjay

It not only symbolizes the rebellion against The Capitol, it also has a large presence in the games.

The notes that it repeats helps Katniss and Rue come together and it also becomes the theme of the rebellion. Without the mockingjay’s presence in the games, Katniss and Rue would be lost.

8. Prim’s goat

Lady, a goat bought by Katniss as a gift for Prim, is a small, but important part of the novel.

It helps reveal the character traits of Prim. She is gentle, caring, and loving, which becomes her fatal flaw in the games. Her relationship with the goat (and also her less-than-lovable cat) will help mold her choices in the remaining films.

9. Train food

On their train ride to The Capitol, Peeta and Katniss are offered food beyond their wildest imaginations – soup, meat, and drinks that their families could never afford in District 12.

This food also provides another parallel between The Capitol and District 12; members from The Capitol purge their food to make room for more, while district members only take what they need.

10. The landscape of the games

Most of the film will be taking place within the confines of the games, and the landscape in which everything takes place is extremely important.

The vast amount of trees in the games will be important to the film. It is where both Katniss and Rue hide along with the mockingjays. Without them, the games would be nearly impossible to survive.



Regardless of what is left in or left out of the movie, writer Allison Heard will be at the very first showing of The Hunger Games as she can. Allison writes for, where you can find great movie t-shirts for men and women.

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