STARRING: Maximillian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster, Joseph Bottoms, Yvette Mimeux, Ernest Borgine

1979, 97 Minutes, Directed by: Gary Nelson

Description: A space crew travelling the cosmos runs into a long-missing craft, manned by Dr. Hans Reinhardt. Upon meeting Reinhardt, the astronauts discover that he is not only insane, but steadfast in his efforts to travel through a nearby "black hole", an abyss from which no one can escape. Matters worsen when Reinhardt holds the crew captive, after realizing that they can help him reach his goal. The squad must now figure out a way to flee from Reinhardt - before it's too late...

Produced in the wake of the success of Star Wars, this space opera produced by Disney feature some innovative special effects and production designs.

The plot, alas, is quite substandard and serves as little else but marketable cute robots and laser blaster fights al á chase scenes in the Death Star aimed at children.

Mad scientists, baddy robots who can't seem to shoot straight, plenty of explosions, no Valkyries with cleavage, zipper Star Trek-type costumes and a black hole that turns red at one stage make for something less fun than the worst exploitation sci-fl flick thrown at us by the likes of Roger Corman. (Valkyries with cleavage? Check out Battle Beyond the Stars).


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