STARRING: Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, George Peppard, John Saxon, Darlene Fleugel, Sybil Danning

1980, 104 Minutes, Directed by: Jimmy T Murakami

Description: Roger Corman's belated entry into the '70s sci-fi craze with a script by John Sayles (his third for Corman, including 1978's Piranha). The story, lifted wholesale from Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai (1954), finds the dictator Sador (John Saxon) threatening the planet of Akira. Its pacifist inhabitants are no match for Sador's devastating weapon, the Stellar Converter, but young Shad (Richard Thomas) decides to fight back. Borrowing the ship of notorious mercenary Zed the Corsair, he recruits a band of mercenaries, each of whom has a personal reason to join the fight. Among them are a lizard-like humanoid (Morgan Woodward), an improbable space cowboy (George Peppard), a zaftig female warrior (Sybil Danning), and brooding killer-for-hire Gelt (Robert Vaughn, reprising his Magnificent Seven role).
Oh, and those spaceships? Designed by Titanic director James Cameron. -

B-grade movie producer legend Roger Corman brings us ... well, a B-movie.

Wedding the Seven Samurai with Star Wars and giving us a movie with television actors long-forgotten (anybody remember the guy who played John Boy Walton?), a pin-up girl who plays a Valkyrie with enormous breasts and a costume to match (truly a joy to behold!) and alien invaders bleeding green ooze. Surprisingly the special effects aren't all that cheap or bad - must have been one of his more expensive productions.

Fun in only the way a B-grade movie cashing in on the then sci-fi craze can be . . .


Sci-Fi Movie Page Pick:
Can you say hormonal imbalance?
Pure B-movie material as has-been television stars battle it out with invading aliens with green blood. One of exploitation producer Roger Corman's most expensive efforts,
Battle Beyond the Stars is worth the price of a rental only to see the incredible outfit worn by busty Sybil Danning . . .

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