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A Southern California native, Rob Vaux fell in love with the movies at an early age and has been a professional critic since the year 2000. His work has appeared on Flipside Movie Emporium, Mania.com, Collider.com and Filmcritic.com as well as the Sci-Fi Movie Page. He lives in the heart of surfer country with a whirling menagerie of pets and a very understanding wife.

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    I question the intelligence of anyone who liked this movie. How the plot holes didn’t make you want to pull out your hair says a lot about critical thinking skills. Enjoying this farce of an interpretation of B and S shows that this person does not know anything about comic books and is not a real fan.

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    I dare say a large majority of individuals defending this film and this director are too young to have experienced the heinous Batman films of the Schumacher era. I saw those films in the theater (dear lord..) and its why the Christopher Nolan trilogy is so beloved by comparison. It literally saved the franchise and restored the proper tone after an era of bat-nipples and Arnie as Mr Freeze.. To see Warner/DC running in this current direction is, to plunge headlong into understatement, disappointing. All the contrived “dark and edginess” and CGI in the world can’t mask a hot mess.

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    Jake Speed

    Maybe mild spoiler below.

    I saw the movie earlier today. This review is spot on. A long time DC fan and I totally appreciate the grim of Dark Knight Returns.
    This motion picture has zero of that grim. This movie is BORING and Batman is portrayed as an idiot. In fact, he is soooo impaired the mere mention of a name causes him to freeze during an attempted MURDER. I am very concerned this threatens the future of the DC Movie universe. There are NO superheroes in this movie. Just overpowered brutes. The hero part is ignored.

    The whole premise of the movie is “Don’t worry, there is such a thing as justifiable suicide.”

    I found the action boring and pointless. Superman is struck with a porcelein sink instead of a metal fist. Why not, it looks cool. It also proves this is a stupid Batman.

    The movie is an INSULT. The WB/DC execs sat around and green lit this $250m pile thinking – eh, its good enough to get the fanboys in. There is NO Way anyone thought this script was worthwhile. I am soooo glad I went to a cheap early showing. Avoid prime time if you MUST see it. Wait to rent it from RedBox in July if you can.

    1. 7.1

      Jake Speed

      I meant justifiable homicide.

    2. 7.2


      You are absolutely correct, Jake. This is a horrible movie.

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    Dear GOD, I have not seen an article I agree with more. This movie was horrendous. Everything about it bothers me. And my Christ, people, stop saying people don’t like it cause its “Dark”. Its not dark, its boring and inconsequential. And Marvel movies are bright and sunny? Are you insane? Captain America takes place during WW2. We witness a ton of people die. Ronan the Accuser smashes peoples heads in and sleeps in their blood. Having color instead of desaturation doesn’t make a movie good or bad. Having characters that make sense and talk out problems makes a movie good. There are literally twenty times when Batman (who is supposed to be the worlds greatest detective and is, instead, played like a goddamn fiddle for the entire film) could have solved this just by talking to Superman. Their cities are about 5 miles apart from each other. You’d think they’d have some time to discuss some shit. But no, they bro-down and beat the piss out of each other for completely contrived reasons. WHY DOES LEX HATE SUPERMAN? WHY DID DOOMSDAY NEED LEX’S BLOOD? WHY DID THEY KILL JIMMY OLSEN RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE? DID YOU EVEN KNOW THAT WAS JIMMY OLSEN? WHY HAVE WONDER WOMAN IN THIS MOVIE AT ALL? God, fuck this movie. Sorry if you guys like this movie. I guess if all you wanted to see was Batman beat the hell out of a God who could literally just flick his fucking head off, you got what you wanted. Otherwise, this movie is literal trash.

    1. 6.1


      Also, it should be noted that I didn’t WANT this movie to be terrible. I WANTED to like it. But I just couldn’t. I’m not a marvel superfan or anything. I’ve always loved DC, and would absolutely be down for a cinematic universe the same quality as the MCU, but thus far, I am anything but impressed. Get it together DC.

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    I see the desperate-to-salvage-a-crap film fanboys and/or WB plants have found you. Since your review echoes the opinions of over 150+ other critics, I think that you’re not far off the mark. 0 may be a bit harsh but understandable considering that they had extra time to get this right.

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    Just saw BvS and these critics have a right to their opinions but please don’t go on just their opinions. See this movie!! I am a comic book nerd and have seen all of the Marvel and DC movies and have to say Marvel movies in most cases are starting to get to be repetitive. The exception Guardians of the Galaxy and Recent Deadpool which both were unique.

    B vs S was not boring but one of the best comic book movies I Have seen. The last one was Deadpool. Ben A. as Batman was fantastic and best one yet. Wonder Women’s introduction great. This movie was a take off of in a lot of ways of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight which was fantastic and well received. Maybe these critics should read it, or maybe not they would say it was to dark.

    This is not Marvel’s world but DC world’s and thank goodness for that as I am getting bored with some of the Marvel stuff. The best Marvel films recently have been Dark IMHO look at Deadpool. Yes it is funny, very funny, but a Dark vicious funny. The other Daredevil on Netflix very dark but very good.

    Overall a great start to the new DC Universe, a new and fantastic Batman and, of course Wonder Woman.

    1. 4.1


      This is an awful, awful, movie.

  8. 3


    Wow… I’d say you lost me at wishing for David Hasselhoff’s Fury, are you serious?

    That being said, I continued, and read thoroughly. Sam with the nail on the head above – melodramatic. How can you exaggerate so much on the negatives, this movie had faults but it was not mindlessly bad, and definitely not deserving of 0 stars? We’ve all seen bad movies, as well as bad SUPERHERO movies, and although this isn’t the best one, its far from being a bad movie. The acting was pretty spot on and made me feel the weight of the characters emotions and fears. The visuals (except for a few, unpolished CGI moments) were spectacular, the score was dark and bone-breaking along with the tone and plot, and really the only weak thing was about 2/3 in when they advanced the upcoming fight plot strangely rapidly after having such thorough pace early on.

    Those small flashbacks and out-of-present sequences were well done, and strangely enough I felt the EXACT opposite of you during the pearls and gun scene. I felt the loss, the fight of the father along with the powerlessness of the mother, along with some other key moments that actually DO give more gravity of that scene, whereas you seem fixated on the pearls.

    My favorite parts of the movie were outside of the Doomsday showdown (spoiler anyone? I think not, he was in the trailers), but even that had its moments, including your praise of WW. I only wish they had put in a couple more moments of levity, breaking up consistent grimness, and that may have left room for about even 10 more minutes to have a more natural development of the final events.

    Other than that, I very much enjoyed it overall, and will gladly see it again.

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    Ok, they absolutely discuss the implications of people dying in the film. That’s the entire premise. They just don’t spoonfeed it to you or beat you over the head with it, until Clark has a talk with Pa Kent in the mountains… Actions have consequences and you can’t save everyone and everything. It’s a looooooong running theme in Superman stories. Along with the God vs Man battle, which I thought played out fantastically in the fight – where Batman realizes that Superman is just a man, who has people he cares about (and they care about him personally), and who is trying to do good but he’s not perfect – the movie actually has a fairly tight narrative and sticks to the themes introduced in Man of Steel. Maybe you should see it again. I was really disappointed in Man of Steel when I first saw it, but on re-watch, I’ve come to love and appreciate it.

  10. 1


    This review is incredibly melodramatic (moreso than the film) and hyperbolic. Really? ZERO stars? That’s absolutely ridiculous. I saw it, it’s a decent film that’s without a doubt very messy. Still had tons of great moments, particularly Ben Affleck’s Batman.


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