Title/Issue # Batman #78
Writer:Tom King
Artist(s): Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey
Publisher: DC
Reviewed by: Melissa Roysden

***Our newest reviewer, Melissa Roysden is here with her first piece for the SciFi Movie Page!***

Sometimes the things we love require a bit of patience of us. I like to think of these moments in comics as transitional issues. This may be helpful to think of if you have been following the City of Bane story after the dramatic events in Batman #77. Patience and perhaps frustration have been a theme for the Batman and Catwoman relationship and here they finally dig through some things unsaid on beautifully styled pages on a vacation removed from the hectic events of Batman #77.

The events of that issue left many unanswered questions and Gotham in yet more chaos. Underlying frustration that has been building is dealt with that has been hanging between them and there is a break from the chaos in Gotham. It’s a colorful issue with a bit of heart and humor. While you may be yearning for answers about Alfred enjoy the break in frenzy, answers will come. While I wouldn’t recommend this as an entry point and I would say it is skippable for the City of Bane events I do think it serves the Cat and Bat dynamic overall.

Tom King has a plan and I this is a building block which is propelled further once again by the artistic team of Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey. Your Batman is in great hands.

Our Score

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