Slithers (2006)

Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier, Brenda James, Jennifer Copping, Don Thompson, Jenna Fishcer, Haig Sutherland, Amber Lee Bartlett, Mary Black, Ben Cotton, Lorena Gale, Dee Jay Jackson, William MacDonald, Matt McInnis
Director: James Gunn

U.S. Opening Date: 31 March 2006



The sleepy town of Wheelsy could be any small town in America--somewhat quaint and gentle, peopled with friendly folks who mind their own business. But just beneath the surface charm, something unnamed and evil has arrived...and is growing. No one seems to notice as telephone poles become clogged with missing pet flyers, or when one of the town's richest citizens, Grant Grant (Michael Rooker), begins to act strangely. But when farmers' livestock turn up horribly mutilated and a young woman goes missing, Sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) and his team, aided by Grant's wife Starla (Elizabeth Banks), uncover the dark force laying siege to their town...and come face-to-face with an older-than-time organism intent on absorbing and devouring all life on Earth.


It's a sci-fi/horror/comedy starring Nathan Fillion (the captain in the now sadly defunct Firefly TV series) directed by the writer of the unexpectedly good 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake.

In our perfect universe Fillion should have had superstar status for his portrayal of this sardonic and lackadaisical Han Solo wannabe captain, but unfortunately the big screen Serenity flopped. But hey, maybe Slither might be the ticket to superstardom (or at least fan cultdom) for Fillion.

Anyway, while Slither may not have the potential to be the next Harry Potter, it might just be sci-fi fandom's latest version of Tremors or Eight Legged Freaks, which is good in our book too . . .




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