Night Watch (2006)

Starring: Konstantin Khabensky, Vladimir Menshov, Maria Poroshina, Galina Tyunina, Victor Verzhbitsky, Dima Martynov
Director: Timour Bekmambetov

U.S. Opening Date: 17 February 2006


Set in contemporary Moscow, Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) revolves around the conflict and balance maintained between the forces of light and darkness the result of a medieval truce between the opposing sides.

As night falls, the dark forces battle the super-human "Others" of the Night Watch, whose mission is to patrol and protect. But there is constant fear that an ancient prophecy will come true: that a powerful "Other" will rise up, be tempted by one of the sides, and tip the balance plunging the world into a renewed war between the dark and light, the results of which would be catastrophic.

Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) is the first installment of a trilogy based on the best-selling sci-fi novels of Sergei Lukyanenko entitled Night Watch, Day Watch and Dusk Watch.


Who could have thought it: a Russian sci-fi/fantasy/horror flick? And one that is apparently quite a lot of gory fun as well, managing some neat special effects and production designs on the catering budget of something like the recent War of the Worlds remake alone.

Anyway, the advance hype is quite good on Night Watch as it finally makes it way to a States-side release. Go check it out: Night Watch just might be a cult movie in the making, and you don’t to miss out on that, now would you?




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  • Official selection from Russia for the Academy Awards 2005.

  • This film broke all records in Russia and became the #1 box-office movie of all time. The record was broken the following year by the Russian movie Turetskii gambit (2005).

  • In Anton's apartment, a reproduction of Rembrandt's painting "Nightwatch" can be briefly seen reflected in a window.

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