Logan's Run (2012)

Director: TBA

U.S. Opening Date: 2012

A remake of a pre-Star Wars 1970s movie of the same name that, although fondly remembered by ageing thirtysomethingers, wasn't really all that good.

The plot involves a future society in which people go for "renewal" (i.e., state-assisted suicide) at the age of 30. In the source novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson the expiration age is 21, by the way.

A young "cop" (called Sandmen in the movie) decides to make a run for the outside world when he is about to turn 30.

The original movie was directed by Michael Anderson and starred Michael York as Logan.  Richard Jordan and Jenny Agutter co-starred.

Producer Joel Silver (Matrix) had the following to say about the project in an early 2010 interview:

"I mean the original is such a dated movie when you look at it now so I think that the concept in that movie is really interesting. The book is actually a lot different than the movie that was made in the '70s so we're trying to figure out a real cool way into that. I think the storyline, when you watch the '70s movie is very of the time not only by the effects and the look of it but also the way the story was told. We're trying to do a new way into it that is exciting. We have a couple scripts that actually have some good stuff. For us it's really all about a filmmaker and a lot of filmmakers are interested and really love the movie so it's really about finding a director for it that has a vision that makes sense. It's a hard one for sure . . ."

A remake has been rumored for years now.

It was once rumored to be directed by Bryan (X-Men, X2) Singer's next movie before first-time commercial director Joseph Kosinski was set to direct. (Kosinski has directed the Tron: Legacy sequel.)

Leonardo diCaprio was once rumored to be Logan at a previous stage of the film's development, but is definitely too old now . . .





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