Part two of our article about low-budget indie science fiction efforts out there.

Things that I have learned watching THE BRENDON COREY STORY, a “documentary” available from Truthseeker TV, about a guy who investigates the mysterious disappearance of a close friend who wanted to unmask Dick Cheney as an alien in disguise:

  • American vice-president Dick Cheney is a shape-shifting blood-drinking Satanist reptilian alien (this would actually explain a lot when one thinks about it).
  • As in They Live, aliens already rule our planet all our political leaders are in fact shape-shifting reptiles (which again would explain a lot).
  • The aliens run our planet via a secret organization called the Illuminati, which in turn consists of several smaller cells.
  • The reptilian aliens have their origin in when the Biblical Eve had children with the Serpent (the Devil in disguise, remember?).
  • The Illuminati used to be the Knights Templar.
  • Proof of this can be found throughout the streets of London where the aliens have left us clues in the guise of lots (and we mean lots) of statues of dragons bearing shields with St George crosses on them.
  • The Illuminati regularly meet a place called Bohemian’s Grove in Los Angeles where they slurp at cocktails and munch down canapés before ritually sacrificing big-breasted blonde women in the basement below whilst wearing long robes and chanting stuff.
  • The Secret Service is in on this in fact, some of them are aliens as well!
  • There is an underground tunnel system beneath the entire United States which is used to transport VIPs from place to place.
  • The U.S. government employs psychics who can see into the future to spy on its citizens.
  • David Icke is right about everything!

Now to be honest I was never quite sure while watching The Brandon Corey Story whether the film-makers were taking the piss as the Brits say, or not.

This “documentary” is all patently made up and clearly a hoax but the film-makers’ intentions are unclear: do they expect us to take it seriously, or just treat it as a piece of fiction? I don’t know. I think we’re supposed to take the general gist – the bits about the Satanist aliens seriously, but discard the whole “Brandon Corey was a real person” specifics. But I’m not quite sure there are some real kooks out there.

Still, The Brendan Corey Storey is hugely entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons I suppose, it being filled to the brim with unintentional laughs. Or is it?

NUMB (Heretic Pictures) comes with impressive cover blurbs. Variety called it “a potent addition to the grand tradition of indie sci-fi” and eFilmCritic describes it as “ethereal”, adding that it “challenges us to decipher what it means to be alive.”

This particular viewer however spent more time trying to decipher what Numb is all about in the first place.

The DVD jacket offers the following plot synopsis: in the future “angels” will be mindless machines created from the computer-scanned bodies of people so desperate for physical immortality they’re willing to die to achieve it. In decaying Yerba City, the only functions of “angels” is to maintain a broken and failing civilization that is hopelessly addicted to a debilitating narcotic known only as the “Drip.”

Anyway, you get full marks if you managed to deduce the above from just watching the movie. It is one of those cases in which the director has a pretty good idea of what he has in mind, but lacks the skills to communicate it to the audience. Pretentious and incomprehensible, the film is shot in Black & White with flashback scenes shot in grainy color. Numb will either strike you as profoundly insightful or unbearably pretentious, depending on your temperament. I found it to be the latter.

In SOUL SEARCHER ( an underpaid municipal worker in London one night witnesses a battle between two super-powered supernatural entities. Death himself happens to one of the battling entities and after dispatching of his opponent, he takes the young municipal worker on as his protégé. In case you were wondering Death is a job that gets passed on from one person to another and you prepare for the job by learning how to Kung Fu fight using a huge scythe.

The biggest problem with Soul Searcher a British zero-budget fantasy/horror tale isn’t that it is silly, but that it isn’t silly enough. It tries hard to be serious a sort of high-minded Highlander but never realizes the inherent silliness of the material. Instead it is oh so serious, and even hardened Mystery Science Theater 3000 “so bad, it’s good” types will have a tough time appreciating the various going-ons.

The problem lies with the script, which never clearly explains just what the hell is going on and why one should care. The screenplay also makes the mistake of introducing a major character about 50 minutes into the film’s proceedings. Characters are mere ciphers and don’t act like anyone you would ever know. Cheap effects and amateur acting can be written off due to budget constraints, but a good screenplay doesn’t require a huge budget, just some creativity.

Ultimately Soul Searcher is too ambitious for its own good. Few low-budget horror and sci-fi film-makers seems to have learnt the lesson Cube has taught us: if you only have the money for one set, then write your screenplay around the fact that you could only afford one set . . .

Short films

WORMHOLE CHASERS is a quirky off-beat four minutes-long short film by Gregory Zymet about a “wormhole that is going to open in the corner of Marjorie Adam’s apartment.” It’s kinda cute and humorous and worth checking out if you can find it anywhere. Zymet can be contacted at

GUIDOLON THE GIANT SPACE CHICKEN ( clocks in at 11 minutes and offers more weirdness, animated this time by Hugo Award-winning artist Frank Wu. Fans of Japanese Godzilla flicks will “get” it and appreciate it the most. It tells the story of Guidolon the Space Chicken who wants to be acknowledged as a serious artist and not just for his (its?) monster flicks. Wu made the short animated film as a pitch for a TV show. It’s funny, clever and weird Adult Swim will be idiots if they pass on this one! You can check out the sort at their web site (requires QuickTime 7).


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