Deathlok (TBA)

Director: TBA

U.S. Opening Date: TBA


A man unwittingly finds himself the subject of an experiment which slowly turns him into a cyborg, with computer and robotic parts replacing nearly his entire body . . .

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Long before The Terminator there was Deathlok, a 1970s Marvel comic book about a half-man half-machine cyborg hybrid who had the misfortune to have MS-DOS 2.0 as its operating system . . .

Er, seriously though: Deathlok was one of this ageing thirtysomethinger’s favourite comic book titles as a kid in the mid- to late-1970s. An ultraviolent anti-hero type like The Punisher (also a childhood fave) Deathlok may be an obscure comic book title, but that didn’t prevent similarly obscure titles like Blade and The Punisher becoming hit movies.

With the right action movie treatment and casting (please, no more The Rock, please . . .) Deathlok might just be one kick-ass flick . . . even if its thunder has been somewhat stole by Arnie’s Terminator in the interim years. That is, if ever they get their asses into gear since it would seem that this movie is currently languishing in development heck . . .





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