Aeon Flux (2005)

Stars: Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo, Amelia Warner, Caroline Chikezie, Frances McDormand

Director: Karyn Kusama
Rated: Unrated
U.S. Opening Date: TBA


Donít ya just love it when actresses win all kinds of critical acclaim, but then blow it all by starring in trashy genre efforts? Iím thinking of Halle Berry here who after winning an Oscar for Monsterís Ball, went on to star in . . . Gothika and Catwoman. Yeah, no doubt the Academy wanted their little gold statuette back when they saw those two turkeys!

Now, add Charlize Theron to the same category: after finally winning an Oscar for her work in Monster, she is to star in Aeon Flux, based on a sci-fi animated series on MTV due in 2005. I donít know about you, but I canít imagine this one to be a strong contender come Oscar night. No doubt the Academy would also want Theronís statuette back too afterwards . . .

Is this slumming a case of not enough challenging roles for women in Hollywood or just a case of a big pay check to be cashed in at the end of the day? Or both?

Whatever. Anyway, we here at the Sci-Fi Movie Page still wish Charlize the best of luck though: after all, as South Africans we are quite proud of our pampered little prima donna . . .




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Plot Summary for Aeon Flux:

Aeon Flux is set 400 years in the future, when disease has wiped out the majority of the earth's population except for one walled, protected city- state, Bregna, ruled by a congress of scientists. Theron plays the title role of "Aeon Flux," the top operative in the underground "Monican" rebellion. When Aeon is sent on a mission to kill the government's leader, she uncovers a world of secrets, which makes her question everything she thought she knew.




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