STARRING: Charlie Sheen, Ron Silver, Lindsay Crouse, Teri Polo, Tony T. Johnson, Richard Schiff, Leon Rippy, Buddy Joe Hooker

1996, 109 Minutes, Directed by: David Twohy

arrivalBB.jpgDescription: The reception of an alien radio signal leads noted radio astronomer Zane Ziminskihim (Charlie Sheen!) to Mexico and to a huge underground power plant operated by aliens bent on the eventual takeover of Earth.

I like this stuff, I really do. This is the ultimate 1990s movie: paranoid as hell. Of course, here in South Africa there is no such thing as "paranoia." It is more a case of "heightened awareness." If you believe that somebody is out to kill you, then you are probably right. Don't believe me? Then you're probably not living here . . .

This film, a Generation X version of The X-Files, features the mother of all conspiracy theories: that . . . But that would be spoiling it, wouldn't it? Better go see for yourself . . .

Some nice pure sci-fi touches such as the weird machinery the aliens use. And, of course, the aliens themselves which are well-done. Sheen is also okay as the geek hero who was pretty paranoid to begin with . . .

(Followed by an inferior straight-to-video sequel The Second Arrival in 1998.)


Sci-Fi Movie Page Pick:
"Neat little paranoid thriller that somehow got lost in the huge hype surrounding Independence Day."


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