Super 8 & the End of Innocence
A rather mean-spirited retelling of the E.T. story?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Feature
So how does the upcoming prequel fit in with the other Apes movies?

Star Wars on Blu-Ray
Star Wars fans should get a life!

Jar Jar Binks Must Die - Book review
An enjoyable collection of essays dealing with science fiction movies . . .

The Almighty Thor Interview
"We shot the entire film in 12 days!"

Why Nothing Hollywood Ever Does Excites Us Anymore
Sci-fi fans can be an excitable and wondrously optimistic bunch!

Princess of Mars - DVD Review
Not even lawyers could save one of Edgar Rice Burroughs' most beloved characters!

The Donald Kushner / TRON Interview
Disney was never afraid of computers back in the early 1980s and there will be a Tron Legacy sequel says producer Donald Kushner . . .

The Dan Abnett Interview
Sci-fi writer Dan Abnett talks about the upcoming Warhammer 40, 000 movie he wrote and which classic sci-fi novel should be made into a movie . . .

The Tron: Legacy Podcast Interviews
The cast and creative crew behind the upcoming sequel talk about anything from Ziggy Stardust and high heels to Facebook pages for their dogs and the original Tron movie never having paid the bills!

We speak to Greg Nicotero, one of the mad geniuses at KNB visual effects, responsible for the effects in Predators!

"Is this a dagger I see before me, Number One?" Patrick Stewart talks to us about his role as Hamlet (and a little bit about Trek as well of course) . . .

Star Wars in 3D
It's official! Star Wars is going to be released in 3D in 2012! We play irate blogger and ask only one question: why?

SGU: Season 2 - Trailer & Set Secrets Revealed
Check out the official trailer now, plus a behind-the-scenes video!

SGU Season 2 - Podcast Interviews
Producer Brad Wright and the SGU cast reveals what audiences can expect of the upcoming season . . .

Did Avatar rip off FernGully?
It is nasty and vindictive to compare this cheesy ‘Nineties animated flick with Cameron’s multimillion dollar epic, but . . .

Was Predator Arnie's Most Macho Role?
Yup, we certainly think so . . .

The Walking Dead
Check out a cool video about Frank Darabont's new zombie TV show!

Iron Man 2 - Soundtrack review
AC/DC are commercial sell-outs. Deal with it . . .

Scarlett Johansson - Interview
Scarlett Johansson who plays Russian superspy Black Widow in Iron Man 2 talks to us!

Prince of Persia - Jerry Bruckheimer Interview
We find out why Prince of Persia won’t be in 3D and whether Zach Efron will be in Pirates 4!

What 2010 (the movie) got wrong about 2010 (the year)
Number 8: the president of the United States will bear an uncanny resemblance to Arthur C. Clarke . . .

The Sci-Fi Movies You WON'T get to see in 2010
The Internet Movie Database lists about 278 science fiction movies for 2010! Of course all of these movies are in various stages of production and many will probably never even get made.

Them Floating Mountains in Avatar
Just how do those mountains stay afloat in Avatar? Our readers come up with some possible explanations . . .

The Nitpicker's Guide to Avatar
We don't even want to go into interspecies sex here!

Avatar vs. District 9
We pick 2009's best SF movie!

Top 10 SF Movies of the 2000s
Find out which movie is number one now!

Planet Building . . . James Cameron style!
Avatar is the most challenging film I’ve ever made,” says writer-director James Cameron . . .

Fading of the Cries: Exclusive Interview with director Brian A. Metcalf
"I specifically had Brad Dourif in mind for this role many years ago when I saw him as The Gemini Killer in The Exorcist 3 . . ."

Your Handy Guide to Monsters vs. Aliens
Impress your drinking buddies today by pointing out which character in Monsters vs. Aliens (out now on DVD) was "inspired" by which famous 'Fifties movie monster!

Do Androids Dream of Bruce Willis?
"My character’s clone acts like a superhero!" Bruce Willis says of Surrogates.

Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie Roundup - September 2009
We take a look at some upcoming sci-fi movies. . .

Knowing your atheists
Atheists get a bum rap in Knowing!

The Poseurs of Fringe
The characters in Fringe spend a lot of time talking about classical music. Only problem is that none of them actually listens to the stuff . . .

G.I. Joe: Action Man Turns Movie Star
The world's best-selling action figure began life as the boy’s version of Barbie!

Land of the Lost
The original Land of the Lost TV show was so squeaky clean it made Little House on the Prairie look sleazy!

The Green Lantern: First Flight interviews
We speak to director Lauren Montgomery & actress Juliet Landau!

They haven't saved Spock's brain!
The new J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot squanders the best character from the original 1960s series!

What's on TV?
Don’t feel like braving long cinema queues to check out the latest blockbusters this summer?

Nicolas Cage Uncaged!
We look at Nic Cage's schizoid career and what is next in store for the Knowing star . . .

Exclusive Interview With Watchmen's Dave Gibbons
"I based The Comedian loosely on Groucho Marx!"

Kitty Genovese & the Watchmen
More than two decades later Watchmen is still “the Citizen Kane of comics”, but it got one thing wrong however . . .

2009 Oscar-nominated shorts
Is there anything of interest to sci-fi & fantasy fans?

Action movie fans will appreciate the NBC mini-series XIII that will air on February 8th and 15th from 9-11 p.m.

A XIII TV series is in the works he reveals . . .

Someone Make This Into A Movie - Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns
We just have one piece of advice for Hollywood: let comic book author Geoff Johns write the next Superman movie . . .

Someone Make This Into a Movie - The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton
Isn’t it time someone made a movie out of one of British science fiction author Peter F. Hamilton’s books? Or perhaps a TV series, considering what doorstop novels they all are . . .

13 - Fear Is Real
Tired of reality shows? Well, this one promises to be different – a reality show that is inspired by horror movies!

Legend of the Seeker
Check out the new fantasy TV show produced by Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider-man movies now!

Recommended for the underage Harry Potter crowd . . .

The Ten-Cent Plague - The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America
We can't recommend David Hajdu's new book enough . . .

Vicious Circle
Comic book author Mike Carey’s latest supernatural thriller featuring his wise-ass exorcist-for-hire hero Felix Castor will make for one heck of a horror movie in the Hellblazer mode . . .

Watchmen Q&A with actors Matthew Goode and Billy Cradup
Read this exclusive interview with the actors who play Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias in the highly anticipated upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel by the author of V for Vendetta and the director of 300.

The graphic novels that inspired The Dark Knight movie
Definitely some of the best Batman books around . . .

Someone Make This Into A Movie: Gone by Michael Grant
It's Lord of the Flies meets X-Men!

Indie SF Roundup
American vice-president Dick Cheney is a shape-shifting blood-drinking Satanist reptilian alien! Fact!

Is Hollywood ready for a “darker” brand of fantasy such as Empress, the latest book by Aussie author Karen Miller?

The Andromeda Strain Remade
Fans of the original ‘Seventies movie will probably be irked by the new mini-series remake of The Andromeda Strain . . .

Exclusive Podcast Interview
Writer/director Kenneth Johnson discusses a movie remake of V amongst others. . .

Someone Make This Into a Movie Part VI - Wanted, by Mark Millar & J.G. Jones
The upcoming Wanted movie starring Angelina Jolie seems to have stripped the graphic novel of all its science fiction elements . . .

V: The Second Generation
The highly anticipated sequel to the popular miniseries V about aliens invading Earth masquerading as humanity's friends . . .

Battlestar Galactica - The War on Terror, In Space
Is the new Battlestar Galactica series a thinly-veiled comment on the invasion of Iraq? U.K.-based writer Nick Goundrey thinks so . . .

Post-Apocalypse Toasties
With the DVD release of I Am Legend with Will Smith as the only survivor of the Apocalypse, we look at some of our favorite post-apocalyptic stuff . . .  

I Am Legend - Book review
One wonders why Warners even bothered acquiring the rights to Matheson’s novel.

Superman vs. Hollywood: How Fiendish Producers, Devious Directors, and Warring Writers Grounded an American Icon by Jake Rossen
"Christopher Reeve
wasn’t the nicest of people until he got hurt. And when he got hurt, he became a nice person . . ."

From Page to Screen: The Ruins by Scott Smith
One can easily picture novelist Scott Smith thinking “I’m going to build myself a swimming pool when I sell this baby to Hollywood” when he sat down at his word processor to churn out The Ruins. . .

UFO Hunters
We couldn't help but laugh out loud at the newest History Channel TV show . . .

The Road – and stuff Pulitzer Prize winners get away with . . .
If you were to spell “can’t” as “cant” in a school essay you will get a D minus. But when Cormac McCarthy did it in The Road, they gave him a Pulitzer. . .


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