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Jim Wallace is a prematurely retired Web designer/developer who’s beginning a second (part-time) career as a writer/graphic novelist/cartoonist. He has ideas for over two dozen projects and has been developing them—sometimes in dribs and drabs and sometimes in spurts—since 2016.

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    They made a lot of questionable changes from the book, like the main villian isn”t his sister, and the rebel leader wasn”t a contemporary of his – they”d never met. I think both changes were a poor choice. Also way too much nudity – it was beyond what was needed for plot tits. That said, I also very much liked the hotel and the actor who played it, and the actor they chose for Kristin Ortega. I”d like it if they did the other books in the Kovacs series.

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      Jim Wallace

      I haven’t (yet) read the book(s), but I’ve read about the changes made and think they were stupid. The changes actually complicated the story instead of streamlining it.

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