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Hey, don’t I know you guys from somewhere?


The Sci-Fi Movie Page has been around since September 1997 when it began life on a server belonging to the University of Warwick. Since those dark days in which university servers were the only place to get web space, the site has moved around from one free service such as xoom.com and Geocities to the next until we finally got our own URL in 2004.

Why is there so much crap on SyFy?

We don't know.

We are not affiliated with the Sci-Fi Channel in any way whatsoever - but if we got a penny for every e-mail we got confusing us for SyFy we'd be rich. Well, not rich exactly, but better off . . .

You didn’t like [insert movie title]! Don’t you like any movies at all!

Nope. None.

Seriously though, we do pride ourselves on being as scrupulously honest as possible. If we like something, we’ll tell you. If we don’t, you’ll get to hear about it too. If it wasn’t the slogan of a now sadly defunct print sci-fi magazine (Sci-Fi Universe) our slogan too would have been: “The fan site for fans with a life.” Being a cowardly and superstitious lot we don’t want to tempt the fates into repeating history though . . .

Point is, we believe that there can be more to science fiction than just spaceships and stuff blowing up real good, which is why we like Children of Men so much . . .

Some of the reviews don’t have an author listed! Who wrote them?

That’ll be our highly estimable webmaster and owner, James O’Ehley. (Note the copyright disclaimer at the bottom of all our pages.)

Why is [insert movie title] listed! Isn’t this supposed to be a science fiction site!?

Yes, it is. But it has always been our policy to feature titles that would be of interest to science fiction fans.

The French call it the “Fantastique” which comes down to sci-fi, fantasy and horror. For good measure we’ve also thrown in some amine and cult TV as well! But our chief focus is on science fiction so don’t worry about us featuring any war dramas or rom-coms here soon. Unless they have robots or exploding spaceships of course . . .

Why isn’t [insert movie title] here? Do you only feature blockbuster movies?

If you count Zontar – The Thing from Venus as a blockbuster, then yes . . .

Seriously though, if you want us to review a particular title, then feel free to send us your suggestion to scifimoviepage@yahoo.com

I have a scoop for you!

Great! Send it along to scifimoviepage@yahoo.com.

I have directed or produced a small indie sci-fi/fantasy/horror movie. Will you review it for us?

Sure we will.

The Sci-Fi Movie Page considers itself to be friends of indie genre cinema and gets loads of movies to review. Please keep in mind that (a) we reserve the right not to review or feature particular titles and (b) once we have posted a title you have sent us, we WILL send you the URL in question. You can find our mailing address here.

Some pages won’t load!

We’ve recently undergone an extensive redesign. E-mail us if you come across dead links or pages that look “funny.”

I’d like to write for The Sci-Fi Movie Page!

We’re always keen on taking on new writers. When you mail us, however be sure to send us any URLs of where your work has appeared or examples of your work.

The Sci-Fi Movie Page seems to be very U.S. centric . . .

About 70 % of all our visitors are from the States, which is why we stick to U.S. movie and DVD release dates. And spelling.

Are you from the States?

We’re an international bunch – with our “headquarters” in South Africa and freelancers and a postal address in the States.

My Disqus posting got deleted!

Sorry, no spam or obscenities - we're a family website after all.

My question isn’t here!

So sorry, mail us at scifimoviepage@yahoo.com  then.



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