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Timothy Janson

Timothy Janson

Tim Janson is a writer and columnist who has written for a variety of print magazines and websites including Fangoria, Mania Entertainment, Newsarama, City Slab, Collider, Cinefantastique, The Horror Review, and Hellnotes. He lives in the Detroit area.

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    Tu montres très bien l’incongruité de la situation, où Google a maintenant une mission de référencement, ça reviendrait au même de dire que TF1 à une mission de publicité pour Peugeot. L’analogie tient parfaitement et là on voit à quel point c’est énorme… comme pantalonnade !

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    I have been listening to this debate for 10 mins and have heard:Someone call in and drop the "f bomb".Someone say if Obama is in the White House they will be listening to rap music and playing basketball.Someone say they wouldn't vote for Obama because his middle name is Hussein.Is anyone else scared that we let the general public vote? My only hope is these morons actually stay home and don't vote, or I honestly can't see a woman or minority in the White House. It is really sad…

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    “With Cole, I don’t understand why they’re not offering him a two or three-year de€Ylâaœ.es, he’s in his 30s, but he’s still very fit. On top of that, he is still the best left-back in the country — maybe even the world.Our legend is spot on! I honestly don’t see how Chelsea can let him go. Bertrand would definitely benefit from his presence in the couple of seasons he will stay too.Reply


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