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    Dennis Koch

    ‘cheap looking stock footage’…I do not believe any such thing was used in the film. This movie was an indie film made on a shoestring Kickstarter budget with the cooperation of professionals on liberty (done on their own time) at cost. I honestly do not believe the pros would appreciate their work being referred to as “stock footage” which obviously meant you did not read the credits .

    ‘In an unspecified future a team of extremely grim astronauts infiltrate a typically destroyed and blood stained space wreck only to find a survivor. ‘ The flashbacks and reference made by characters make it clear they are retrieving a rescue pod – they mention it like 3 times in the first 10 minutes. The time reference is also mentioned within 6 minutes. We also know earth has become inhabitable and people are leaving the planet. Within 7 minutes we are also told Society was split into two Classes.

    The acting was kept deliberately sedate and understated so when you watch the whole film, you’ll discover the reason this is so.

    I’m not sure you saw this movie from 10 minutes onward – and you definitely did not watch the credits. Anyone else who watches this film would have to agree.


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